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IMG_7051The Solar Eclipse was so cool. We stood outside the office with the special paper sun glasses and stared at it for about thirty minutes. It was an amazing site to see. I hope some of you did get to see it. Traffic in the Oregon areas was just terrible with all the main viewing areas be run over by on lookers.

Special day for us on Earth.

Real Estate is still going strong. Pricing is a problem with too many being put on the market at a higher price than the market will handle. Sellers be aware of how important pricing is in the sale of your property.  Also, cleaning and organization of the home are big parts of selling at a good price and in a timely manner.

Reading material on the national housing market shows a significant drop in home sales across the country.  Why????  Prices going up and current median price across the country is now above $310,000. Affordability makes it more difficult to purchase a home in many areas. We are seeing our pricing going up but not at the level we see in the Portland area and the Seattle area. They are seeing year over year increase at 12-15%.   Hard to stay with the market without significant income increases.

1A lot happening still downtown. The parking lot next to the Post office on Second just sold to an investment group with plans to do something with it in the future. I am sure the Port is glad to get some of their money back on the land which they had no plans for.

Also, I went by the Mall and saw actual new construction at the site. They are adding a big  addition onto one of the buildings they had sitting vacant for years on the Myra and Poplar corner. Let’s hope it moves forward.

https://i0.wp.com/www.ocregister.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/llws_baseball_walla_24342481.jpgCongratulations to Valley Little league team and their victories to get to the Little League World Series in Williamsport Pennsylvania. What an experience. I am so proud of our community for the financial support put together to the families there that could not afford to make it happen.

Great job boys.

If I can help give me a call.


Dennis M Ledford, Owner/Broker
Coldwell Banker First Realtors®


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It’s Hot.

https://cdn.patchcdn.com/users/272847/2014/07/T800x600/37fa9cb9dd26edcca040b533a6bb97b7.jpgWell it is hot. (Understatement!!!!) I see where it is to be 106 later this week. That will slow down my garden time. I mowed my pasture this morning at 7:15 AM and fortunately I am out away from homes so I could start early while it was still cool. Be safe this week, heat stroke is a real issue and can kill you. Stay well hydrated and stay out of the heat.

Image result for salmon fishingI just got back from my annual trip to salmon fish at the Coastal Springs Floating Lodge.    I caught some great salmon, my biggest was 20 pounds but we brought back over 40 pounds of fillets. That will last us another year. The weather was great, no wind, and around 70 degrees.  It’s really a wonderful lodge.

Real Estate is still moving quickly in Walla Walla and some new subdivisions are starting up. We are lucky to have some new construction in place and more to come. New residential listings for July in Walla Walla and College Place were 111 and of that total, 47 already have pending offers on them. That is heavy activity. It is good to see and when we get new coming up we will see even more closings. If you need help call one of my Image result for quickly sold real estateBrokers for assistance at Coldwell Banker First Realtors. All are trained at the highest level and will assist in all your needs.

Rates are still low and I really feel you need to be prepared to make a solid offer with as few contingencies as possible. Make sure you have a pre-approval letter for submission because in multiple offer situations it is mandatory.

Let me know if I can assist.



Dennis M Ledford, Owner/Broker
Coldwell Banker First Realtors®

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