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It’s warming up?

Image result for walla walla snow plowMaybe it’s warming up? This has been one of the longest cold stretches I have seen in Walla Walla for a few years! I have to compliment the City Street Crews for their hard work making it easier for us to get around. It is my understanding after talking with Nabiel Shawa that they were working 12 hours shifts to make it work. Amazing. I heard last week that Pendleton had sold their snow equipment because winters have been so mild the past several years.. Can you imagine the pain the families are going through in their area?   Again, we’re lucky to live in Walla Walla.

https://i1.wp.com/www.grindtv.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Melting_Snowman_12-16-05.jpgAs Walla Walla is famous for, we have had one of our Chinook winds come in with warm wind and some rain, so the snow and ice is almost gone. Creeks and rivers are running high, so be safe. Several friends of mine of had water damage, and I am sure there is more to come. Be careful with mold in walls and basements – be sure to check it out with a professional. I use a company for my personal issues and in our rental management with Coldwell Banker First Realtors – Five Star Disaster Services is a good company and they are real professionals. Vince and his crew will do a great job for you.

Interest rates are settling down if you’re looking to buy. They’re averaging around 4% but you still might be able to afford the house of your dreams. If you are thinking about selling in the Spring, now is the time to start. Inventories are low and buyers are in the field. We are holding a workshop for owners/sellers for the first time in years and we had 40 people sign up. Hard to believe those numbers, but it does show us we have a lot of demand. Start early and beat the rush!

If I can help, let me know!


Dennis M Ledford, Owner/Broker
Coldwell Banker First Realtors®


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Good morning Walla Walla!

Image result for coldCold few weeks with lots of snow. I do not feel we have had a winter like this for some time, and I am not sure when it is going away! It is easy to bear with the bright sunshine, but boy it is cold.. Today, Thursday, on my wake up – it was 4 degrees! But it can be colder, my executive officers daughter lives in Miles City, Montana and the high was -4 degrees with a low of -17.. Now that is very cold and I am not sure what the wind would push that to but COLD.

I am a Board of Director for the new Charter Public Middle School, Willow. We are taking applications now for the first year which will be August of 2017 with sixth and seventh grades. We need to start our application process for the new students in our area and it might end up in a lottery drawing the limited number of students we can handle. Our building will be the old Ace of Clubs on Tietan. It’s a great location and lots of room.

“Willow Public School teaches with joy and passion. We help kids find their strengths and interests, support them where they struggle, and connect them to resources in the school and community so that their middle school experience is challenging, rich, and meaningful.”
– Dan Calzaretta, Executive Director

Image result for home buying dreamOn another note, interest rates are jumping around. They had moved higher over the last several weeks but I feel there was such uncertainty and frustration with the election that people, banks, lenders, and buyers were nervous. I feel 2017 is going to be a solid year for the economy and real estate. Rates might jump some but we are still at record lows. With a half point increase the new home buyers should check with their lender on what they still qualify for in a mortgage.

Walla Walla is still busy. Energy is still good. We are lucky to live in Walla Walla.

Dennis M. Ledford, Owner/Broker
Coldwell Banker First Realtors®

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