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https://i2.wp.com/cdn.wallpapersafari.com/41/96/zxG9dh.pngA lot of water under the bridge in the last two weeks.. The election is over (Thank God) and we need to move on. We must support the new President and be cohesive as a country. I am embarrassed by the protests at our schools and in the streets, calling on all of us to ignore what happened in the election on the previous Tuesday. College students are blessed to live in this country, and need to realize that just because it did not go the direction they wanted, does not mean we can throw stones at our new leadership.

America is where most of the world would like to live, but cannot because they are trapped in a third world country or a dictatorship. Count your blessings before you throw stones – if you know of a better place to live, make the change. If it doesn’t work we will take you back, because I am sure you would have learned more about life than you would have gained living the life of “Poor Me!”.

Walla Walla is a special place to live. Veterans Day was great, and the parade gets better every year (and longer!). Watching all the flags go by with little kids waving the smaller ones, shows us what a special place we have here in our corner of the world. Take some time to thank Vets you run into during your day, and thank them with a hand shake for their service – we do not do that enough. I saw a video of an airport the other day with several service men and women boarding a plane and the people in the concourse stood and applauded them and shook their hands. There were tears and smiles on both levels. We are lucky to have such great men and women who stand up for your freedoms.   Just pause and think about it..

Real estate is going well in Walla Walla. I just attended a lunch with our legislators and the talked about the increased revenue at the City, County, and the State level, because of the amount of excise tax being collected on all the real estate transactions taking place everywhere in the State. But the costs to operate government continues to grow. A powerful statement was made by Maureen Walsh that several important pieces lost by just a few votes and the number of registered voters who did not vote was off the charts. I think this is hard to believe.

Are you thinking of buying a home this year, or the first part of 2017? You might take a look at interest rates, they are going up. Talk with your Realtor or Lender to see how it can affect your purchasing power.

Image result for prepare for winterWinter is soon.. Get yourself ready! Clean your gutters, take your garden hoses off the bibs, get your snow gear out and ready. Do not get caught by surprise.

Call if I can help.

Dennis M. Ledford, Owner/Broker
Coldwell Banker First Realtors®


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I have  been a busy boy in October. We traveled to California to check on my Aunt Georgia in California for a  week after spending a week on the Oregon Coast, home for a few days and then off to North Carolina to see my son, Jamie’s family which includes my three grandchildren and his wonderful wife Kim. What a fun time.

https://www.joelane.com/images/new-homes-construction_368.jpgOn the real estate side, new home sales in Walla Walla have been very active this past year with the major company being Hayden Homes. I think they have closed over 35 sales so far this year. Some closing which are direct are not in our MLS, but they are the big builder in town. We have several custom builds going on with several of our high end contractors but that is very hard  to track. Nationally the inventory of new homes is up by 30% over 2015 numbers with about a 4.8 inventory. The national average new home sale price is $377,700 and the median is $313,500 which is much higher than our valley.

We have a builder who was very successful in Walla Walla and moved away (but is going to be back) as well as Todd Rowell who had great success is starting some new lots. Both builders will bring a product families will love to call theirhttps://wallawallarealestate.files.wordpress.com/2016/11/887db-head-scratcher1.png?w=167&h=207  own.

Breaking news on the property management front in our State. A Property manager is being sued by the Washington State Attorney General for discriminating a rental applicant who had a felony conviction. I cannot believe as an owner, that our representatives have to eliminate in their approval process that the applicant has a criminal background. What about sex offenders? Where are we going with the rights of property owners? It is really scary for me as a property manager and owner of several rental units.

Thanksgiving is at hand and daylight savings this weekend. Over Thanksgiving, please think of the gifts you are given each and every day that others suffer pain and loss. It is not perfect for us but we are so lucky to be living in Walla Walla and the United States. God Bless us all.


Dennis M Ledford, Owner/Broker
Coldwell Banker First Realtors®




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