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March is here in the Walla Walla Valley and the weather is warming – we are getting our spring winds, our flowering bulbs are blooming, and the daylight hours are increasing. I LOVE IT. Where is spring any better than in the Walla Walla Valley?

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/a3/7b/47/a37b476494e4ce45344ace1bfe9f522f.jpgFishing season will be upon us soon; as well as mushroom hunting, searching for next year’s wood supply, and getting our gardens ready to produce again this summer. A sure sign of spring are the Robins in the area. I just saw several in my yard on Monday morning, with the frost still on my windshield and they were jumping from limb to limb.

Bright sunshine is hard to beat this time of year and still in February, can you believe it.

West Rose Street is coming along from Myra to College Ave. Curbs appear to be in place and more gravel being placed, which is the sign they may be getting ready to lay blacktop. Route to my little home on Wallula Ave has been disrupted for months but I am hoping to see it come back to normal. Getting new roads is worth the wait. Thank you College Place City Counsel for making life better.

https://wallawallarealestate.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/3a6b6-img_6164.jpg?w=183&h=244The Blue Mountain Mall. Where is it and when are they going to start to work on it? There still isn’t a solid date for a start but talking with the City Manager and the Port the newest information is that they are still waiting for their anchor tenant to sign onto the lease and the other 14 tenants already in place would kick it into gear. Will we see it this year? I hope so but I have no sure answer.

Last night I was out walking and I couldn’t help but notice the Full Moon. It was so bright it just was as if I had someone watching over me with light to protect all my steps from the dark. I thought about the moon for awhile and thought that millions upon millions were looking at the same special scene I was looking at and we all had different thoughts about it.

https://i2.wp.com/nerdreactor.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Full-Moon.jpgIt brought me back to politics, unfortunately, and how we live in the greatest country on earth and we have different opinions on where our country should go and who should be the leader. America is great. Working together will keep it that way. Stay strong and love our Country.

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https://i2.wp.com/textimages.us/sunshine/sunshine03/sunshine-037.jpgGood afternoon. Thank you for taking some time to read thoughts that I have about our wonderful valley. Sunshine is making it look even more beautiful than normal!

I remember in my youth how the fog would settle in for weeks at a time and it felt so uncomfortable. Sunshine is such a big part of having a positive attitude and with just wanting to get out and do things. On Sunday, my wife and I cleaned out our bird houses and put in some new nesting material. It is amazing how many little pieces of grass, sticks, feathers, and other material they use to fill the comfy inside of their homes for the new little ones. It is so fun to watch their activity.

Comments on housing: Nationwide and locally we see affordability decreasing. One of the reasons is from a negative feeling about personal incomes compared to a year ago. Those who reported their income was significantly higher one year ago, fell three percentage points. If we feel we are not making more income, or that we have a better net income, it has to reflect in our attitude of looking to buy.

Also, inventory is low. Not just in Walla Walla, but across all of the major markets in the https://i1.wp.com/www.gibsonsothebysrealty.com/blog/files/2012/11/whereinventory.jpgWest. A check two weeks ago showed only 179 active listings (in WW/CP) that did not have contracts already in place. If we sold all of those homes, we would only have a 90 day inventory. Lack of homes also slows the decision to put your home on the market because of the fear that you might not find the home you want to move into.

Low inventory pushes prices up and we see more multiple offers. Multiple offers put pressure on sellers who need to sell their home and buy the next. Generally buyers lose out in a multiple offer bid, since they have a contingency of the sale of their current home. All in all, we need more homes on the market to stabilize what we see happening in Walla Walla.

Back to the SUNSHINE – Isn’t it great?! Walla Walla is the best place in the world to watch Spring arrive.

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