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Being Thankful.

IMG_6096We just finished with the Veterans Day Parade which went directly in front of our office – and again we had hot coffee, cocoa, and cookies. We always draw a crowd, and the most important part is to salute and thank our veterans. Without their effort and sacrifice we would not have what we enjoy every day.


The protesters on campus and in the streets do not get it. Just look at the Middle East and what they as families have to deal with. Paris, what a terrible event which we wonder how it can happen and why a group could enjoy spreading death and destruction across the world. They knew where to hit to kill and injure as many as possible by attacking the restaurants, coffee houses, theaters, and soccer fields. Why? How can there be that much hate? Our thoughts and prayers are with Paris.


On a positive note, we have Thanksgiving on the 26th of November. Several of you will be traveling and we want you to be careful. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Q_MKClrortg/maxresdefault.jpgIf you are traveling to the west side check the DOT site for mountain passes. I use it all the time. It gives you great updates on weather and travel conditions to at least give you a heads up. When you are enjoying your time with family and friends, take time to talk about what you are thankful for. We have been doing it in the Ledford family for years, and it is always comforting to hear what family is thankful for. God has blessed us and we need to thank him for all the gifts he has provided our families and our Country.


Moving can always be tough. Have you ever thought of how many boxes you might need to make your move? Generally speaking, the longer yhttps://i0.wp.com/kandela.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/MovingBoxes.jpgou have lived in your home the more material you have accumulated. We have been in our home over 30 years and I am not sure we could ever find enough boxes to move! General rule of thumb, two bedroom 60-80, three bedroom 80-100, and four bedroom 100-120, and always check with the moving company you buy the boxes from to see if they buy unused boxes back . Usually, a short ad on Facebook will also help you find someone who wants your unused boxes.


Moving is tough but preparation and many hands make it work much better.


Holiday celebrations are happening all over Walla Walla with friends, businesses, and family. Be sure to be very careful on taking in too much wine or alcohol. We have all seen terrible tragedies involving car and pedestrian accidents and we want to enjoy our season and not create a painful loss for any family in our Walla Walla Valley.

Enjoy your time together.


Happy Thanksgiving.

Dennis M Ledford, Owner/Broker
Coldwell Banker First Realtors


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https://wallawallarealestate.files.wordpress.com/2015/11/0b579-snowinthebluemountains.jpg?w=288&h=192Rain, Rain, and Snow in the Blues – we also saw our first freeze in the Valley! It might be time to shut down my garden; which was really productive this year with my Green Beans filling the freezer, tomatoes coming out of my ears, and the best cucumbers for taste I have had in years. I need to build my plan for next year and clear the old veggies out and prepare for winter.

Have you ever had a new family move in next door and you wondered what you should do? I have. I saw an article I felt handled it well, and I am going to share some tips.

  1. Bring them some food. Pot of hot soup or chili, fresh muffins or bread, and if you are not into cooking give them coupons for pizza or other call in orders.
  2. Bring in a bottle of wine or specialty beverage.
  3. Once you make the connection keep it going. Working on learning their first names and their children. If you have children invite the new neighbors over for a bar-b-q and let the children plan games while you learn more about them and they learn who you are.
  4. Share information on baby sitters, boys in the neighborhood you trust to do small jobs, and good parks.

https://i0.wp.com/www.plumdeluxe.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/meeting-the-neighbours.jpgThis might help the next time you have someone move in. Moving into a new neighborhood can be intimidating. Make their transition easier by being welcoming and helpful. Neighbors are people you’ll likely see often, so take some initial steps to greet them appropriately. I hope this helps!

Next, have you started your normal fall clean up? I tried this weekend but rain and wind slowed me down considerably.

  1. Dhttps://www.uhaul.com/uhaulnews/imagehandler.ashx?type=full&fileId=7456cee5-7d80-4331-89be-37b0d0a9eb9bo not leave your leaves in piles over several days. It will damage the grass underneath.
  2. Clean your gutters to help move water away from the foundation of your home.
  3. Be sure to remove your hoses from your outdoor faucets.
  4. Fire up your snow blower and put fuel additive to keep it going in winter.
  5. Check for your snow shovel location.
  6. Pull your plant bulbs that need to be stored until spring.

We are in Winter now, and the rain feels good after a hot dry summer and fall.

Lastly, I am attaching an exciting offer that you might qualify for a new home with Habitat for Humanity. It is handled out of Richland but the home will be built in the Walla Walla area. Take a look, as it might be a real opportunity for your family.

Talk to you next time!

Dennis M Ledford, Owner/Broker
Coldwell Banker First Realtors®

Habitat Flyer

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