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Craiglist Scam….

We have had a number of homes listed in Walla Walla listed on Craig’s List for rent – BUT NOT BY THE OWNER OR AN AGENT.  This is a very elaborate scam and is here locally.  If you have a news letter or blog, please help get the word out to those looking for homes, and to homeowners.

Incidents are being reported to the WW Police Department and below are some tips from Sandi Olson, Crime Victim Advocate.  Please report any suspicious incidents to the Police Department or contact them if you have questions. Sandi also suggested that if we see one of our properties on Craig’s List with this scam, we should notify Craig’s List immediately to remove it.

Unfortunately, this type of scam is becoming quite prevalent in the Walla Walla area. The scammers will hijack a legitimate home for sale ad and post it on Craigslist. The common denominator is the suspect is always out of the country, either as a missionary or on a job and wishes to rent the house out for a very below market amount. As you could probably detect from the emails, English, grammar, and syntax are extremely bad! Another give away is that they want money WIRED via Western Union or MoneyGram. Unless you can actually meet the person  (which is difficult because they are already out of the country) who is renting the home and view the interior of the home, it is a scam. Anyone out of the country would have a local listing agent.

If the scammer contacts you again, just email back that you did meeting the owner of the home and she is not renting it out. That should get rid of him. They are hoping money will be wired before the victim discovers it is a scam!

Stay safe. If you would like any further information, please feel free to give me a call.


Sandi Olson

Crime Victim Advocate

Walla Walla Police Department

54 E. Moore St.

Walla Walla,WA99362

Direct: 509.524.4362

Fax: 509.525.5057


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Good morning…

What a mild winter so far.    I have lived in Walla Walla most of my life and February can hold some surprise weather but I am happy with 50’s and partly sunny.

Sales are up about 35% this year and we see lots of energy in the community on calls and attendance at our Open Homes.   All the numbers are up but inventory is dropping because of the increase in sales.   If you have been thinking about selling this Spring I would consider an early start.   As spring approaches inventories build and the competition becomes tougher.   Call one of our trained and experienced Brokers to ask questions about the process of selling and have them complete a comprehensive market analysis of the value of your home.

Lots of fun activities going on currently in Walla Walla especially at the Power House Theater.   The Four Tenors are performing until the 26th of February.  I have seen the show and it is very entertaining.  Such a great variety of music for everyone to enjoy.   Tryouts where held about a week prior to the show and a local talent, Candace Brown, was chosen to open the show. This is her first performance of this kind and boy does she do a great job. For tickets go to the Power House Theater website or stop by box office located at 111 N. 6th Ave, WW.   You can also check out the Power House Theatre on Facebook for up to date happenings and more.  Also, when you see the pink flag flying it is a great indicator that something is happening at the Power House!

Big changes for our Home Loan Center lender group with Tera Davis  joining the team.  Tera is working out of HLC office in our building.  We are pleased to have her working in house with her experience and expertise it is a wonderful change for our clients and she brings great the assistance to the company.   Give her a call today or stop in and see her here at Coldwell Banker First Realtors.

Interest rates are still hitting historic low levels.   Take advantage of a new loan for a new home or refinance your old rate if you are happy with your current home which a lot of us are.

Get your golf clubs and fishing gear ready for a great Spring and Summer.

Call if I can help.

DM Ledford, Owner/Firm Broker

Coldwell Banker First Realtors

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