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Having just spend a delightful 3 weeks in France in September, I am riveted by the current news of the protesters in France. When it makes it to the Union-Bulletin, then I can’t ignore it.

My sister and I experienced two of the one day strikes in September. Paris is such a “walkable” city that the first transportation strike just gave us the opportunity to get to know more of its streets. The second strike cancelled our train tickets from Bordeaux back to Paris, so we had to rebook for the following day. But I’m really glad we weren’t one of the travelers in Marseille this last week who had to tug their luggage along blocked roads to the terminal because of the blocked airport access!

And I remember that both times, our bed and breakfast hosts said just about the same thing with a Gallic shrug of their shoulders, “It’s just the French.” I’m thinking that this month they are probably not so sanguine!

France is a beautiful country and I saw more corn fields and rolling hills of lavender and sunflowers than I’ve seen in our valley.

The people were welcoming and many admitted that they spoke English better than we spoke French as we attempted our “Parlez-vous anglais?” They let us try, though, and I think they just didn’t want to be embarrassed by their limited English! And we were so grateful for their help that we were not embarrassed by our limited French!

So…between our September experience and the October events, I’d have to say that the people are really no different that we are: they love their country, they want to protect what they perceive are their “rights.” They (like us) live in a beautiful place, are just trying to make a living, and enjoy their family and friends. We felt privileged to make friends with many of them. People are people everywhere and the only boundaries are the artificial ones drawn on maps or in our heads!

Coming home from a vacation is always great and I have a renewed appreciation of our life here and the folks that make this area special.

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Pat Richmond, Director of Recruiting and Training

Coldwell Banker First Realtors


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September written business was good for Coldwell Banker First Realtors.    We had 39 real estate transactions written this past month in Walla Walla.    What a great real estate month.   Now is the time to look for a home in Walla Walla.    Good real estate inventories and unbelievable interest rates.    Under 5% for 30 year loans and under 4% for 15 year loans, so make a move today do not try to catch the bottom.    It never works.    By the time you find out the rates for a real estate loan have bottomed out they are on the way up.    A 1% rate increase equates to several thousand dollars in pricing.    Look for your home in Walla Walla today.    We have great values and now is the time to shop.    Call one of our great real estate professionals for a confidential interview about how to find and purchase a wonderful home in Walla Walla, Washington.    Go to our website at coldwellbankerfirstrealtors.com and find your home and your real estate professional.

Coldwell Banker First Realtors was once again in the top twenty of Coldwell Banker offices in our category at number 13.    That is the fourth time out of the last five months.   We have 425 offices across America in our category of size.    What a group we have.   I am so proud of them all.   

Also, great news that the national organization selected Kris Youd to be on the national agent counsel for 2010.   She is one of only 16 real estate professionals to be chosen.   We are all so proud of Kris for her recognition by our national organization.    I am always amazed at what Kris has been able to accomplish in her professional career of real estate, but also as a wife, mother, grandmother, President of our local Real Estate Realtor Association, leader in her Church, city choir, and not the least but Board of Directors of Shakespeare Uncorked, Walla Walla.    What a group.

Unbelievable market in our rental department as well.   They have set new records for our highest occupancy rate we have had for years.   We manage 820 units and we have none vacant at this time.    We brought in five new units and all rented within two days.    Walla Walla rental market is doing well.    If you are looking for other income streams to your cd’s and saving look at real estate as a new alternative.   We can manage it and show you how you can earn a 6-8% return on your investment plus the opportunity to see equity growth.    Call one of our Real Estate professionals to tell you the opportunities that exist in Walla Walla.

I hope you find this information helpful.    We are so fortunate to live in Walla Walla and have the stability of the real estate market we have.    Call if I can assist or email me at dledford@cbfr.biz.

DM Ledford, Broker/Owner

Coldwell Banker First Realtors

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