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We are excited to show you our new look.  This weekend we unveiled our new yard signs.    The all blue design with white lettering definitely sets us apart from our competitors.  We are the first Coldwell Banker franchise in the Northwest to bring this new piece of marketing into our community.   The new look definitely pops out as you drive by.  We know the sign does not make the company, therefore we will continue to make your real estate process the best you have experienced.  

Go on line to coldwellbankerfirstrealtors.com and check out our user friendly site.   Last month we had 23,000 visitors from 29 different countries.   Check it out and see what we offer, I know you will see a benefit.   While there review our tour of Walla Walla which takes you through the our community showing schools, hospitals, major employers, downtown, and views of our beautiful valley.   You might want to send the site to friends and family who have not visited your home town to show them what they are missing, or to families thinking of making the move to Walla Walla.

I have asked Chris Saffer, my business consultant, to give some insight on our exciting new agent marketing plan.   It is designed to help men and women who would like to make a career change to real estate.  

“The Real Estate industry has been struggling with a demographics issue for the last few years; the average age of Realtors nationwide has climbed to 52 and the average age of the home buyer has decreased to 32.  The younger generation is both unable and unwilling to go 90 plus days without a paycheck to begin a career as a professional Realtor.  Real Estate agents are entrepreneurs running a business within a business with their own expenses which creates a financial obstacle for those trying to get into the real estate market.  As the real estate landscape has changed Coldwell Banker First Realtors has stayed ahead of the curve with technology and training and because of that have been able to gain market share.  In an effort to better serve this growing younger demographic and give those individuals that qualify and have a passion for real estate a place to start, Coldwell Banker First Realtors has just launched an apprentice program.   This is not a mentorship program nor will the apprentice work as a licensed assistant.  The apprentice will be required to get their real estate license prior to beginning work but then will function as a marketing specialist.  This new career track will give the apprentice the opportunity to learn real estate without the expenses of starting their businessWe are all very excited to find the right person to be the first apprentice.  “

We are excited about new apprentice program.  If you are interested in our new apprentice program, please contact me at (509) 525-0820 or email me at dledford@cbfr.biz.  We are excited to get our new program underway.

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