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It’s amazing how fast time seems to move when busy. It’s been an exciting January!  One of the most exciting developments is our new property management website due to go live shortly.  We have been working hard to make it the best property management website in the valley.  It will have a lot of very useful features and will give ease of access to prospective and current tenants alike as well as to property owners and investors.  Prospective tenants will be able do their rental appliation online and current tenants will be able to make repair requests, give notice and interact with property management at their convenience.  It will make looking for rental property in Walla Walla on line a more simple and enjoyable process.   Until our new site goes live you can log on to our real estate website at coldwellbankerfirstrealtors.com to view all available rentals.

In other property management news we welcome Patrick Daniel to  our department as our call coordinator. He has been with us a short time but has already shown himself to be a great asset to the department.  He is studying for his Real Estate License and plans to take his test this spring. He replaces Lisa Crow in this position as she has moved into our Property Management Accounting position.

Lisa Crow has an active Real Estate license and is sharing on call time as well as other Property Manager duties as needed.  It is great to have an accountant who is also a licensed Agent. It gives us more flex ability in our daily operations. Having a good team is great! Having four full time licensed agents in the Property Management team will be priceless!

We are looking forward to another successful year and hope that somehow we can be a part of yours. 


M. Rick Phillips                                   
Director of Property Mgmt
Coldwell Banker First Realtors
Alan Raguso
Director of Buisness for Propery Mgmt
Coldwell Banker First Realtors
218 W. Main, Walla Walla WA  99362
                                                 (509) 525-0820

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We all are looking for the new year to be a great year for us not only as individuals, but for our families, our community, and for our work life.  We at Coldwell Banker First Realtors want to help more families have the opportunity of owning their own home and to make a difference within the community.    We hope we will see new jobs, new financial energy, and new ways to support the people who call Walla Walla their home.

 A lot of you like to know what the real estate world is doing.  We have compiled some statistics about Walla Walla real estate from our company sales for 2009.  With our current market share being 40%, these figures should be a great indicator of what is happening overall in the valley. 

In Walla Walla we had 490 single family sales homes sold in 2009 which is up from 480 in 2008.   Our average single family home sold for $209,187, with a median price of $187,000 and average days on market of 166.   College Place had 104 single family sales in 2009 with the average sales price being $192,345, median price of $175,000, and average days on market of 145.  We feel very positive about the recovery we saw from summer to the end of the year in general activity and look forward to it continuing into 2010.

 Out of the 282 closings in our office last year, here are where the buyers came from:

Walla Walla:   178=63%, College Place:  27=9.6%, Other Washington:  41=14.5%, Oregon:  18=6.4%, California:  6=2.1%, Other states:  11=4.3%, Other country:  1

 We have seen an increase in the percentage of families living in the Walla Walla and College Place area being our clients compared to 2004-2006 where California and other Washington cities made up a much larger number of families purchasing.  I feel the market has been so slow in California the families have not been able to sell their properties at a price which would allow them to make a move out of state.   I feel that will improve in the next couple of years.

 I want you all to know real estate in Walla Walla is doing well and is healthy.   This might be the best time to make a decision to make a change of ownership or enter into your first home I have seen in my 37 years of real estate in the Walla Walla valley.   Good inventory, great prices, and the best mortgage rates in history.   

 Thanks for your time and contact me if you have any questions.

 DM Ledford , Owner/Broker

Coldwell Banker First Realtors

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