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Well it did not turn out well.    At this point we are down about 50% from last year’s total which is very disappointing and a big blow to the local food bank and our local families in need of help.    I am suggesting we donate money or take food to one of the several grocery stores where we have our collection barrels.    We need everyone’s help.  The effort is greatly appreciated and the Walla Walla families that did participate I applaud you for the help you provided.   If you can afford to do more I encourage you to do it.

We were presented a program by the general manager of the new Walla Walla summer baseball team opening this summer June 6th.    They will be playing at Borleske Stadium with college scholarship players in a league basically the size and scope of a class A.   The players cannot receive any pay except for food out of town and lodging.   They will need family housing from host families in our area.    If you have interest give Zachary Fraser a call, 801-360-8391.  It will be great to have baseball back in Walla Walla.   Did you know Ozzie Smith and Tony Gwinn started their professional baseball careers in Walla Walla.   Zachary feels we are one of the few small markets that have had two hall of fame players begin their careers.

 The market is still strong but there is growing fears on rising interest rates.  Last week, the core consumer price index (cpi) was reported higher than expected, indicating that inflationary forces may already be underway.   Remember, inflation erodes the value of the fixed return that a bond provides; therefore, inflation is harmful to bonds and home loan rates.   Just the hint of inflation can cause home loan rates to worsen, which is what, we saw last week.

 There are lots of other indicators out there, but the bottom line is that the heat is on.   We could see rates increase in the very near future.   Take action and lock in.   First time homebuyers your time line is falling away fast.   November 30th, and it has to be closed.  That takes some time to accomplish in our current underwriting environment.   Altogether it is time to make your move.  

 Contact one of my associates or take a look at our site:  coldwellbankerfirstrealtors.com.

 Thanks for reading…

 DM Ledford, Broker/Owner

Coldwell Banker First Realtors


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Why would Warren Buffett be purchasing real estate companies and large home builder companies??? Well I know. Because he feels real estate is going to rebound in a big way. So do I. We are seeing strong real estate investors coming back into the market here in Walla Walla. We are selling commercial, residential, and condo properties and getting more and more inquiries. We had 5,800 visits to our web site in the past 30 days from 28 different countries. If you are a first time buyer homebuyer you have even more reasons to purchase your first home. Do not wait for the prices to hit bottom. You cannot pick that date. Why???? Do we throw a parade or have a day from school when that time comes??? No!!! Waiting will find you changing from a buyer’s to a seller’s market. In a seller’s market their motivation to accept an offer might change to a more wait and see attitude.

As I have written before, this is the perfect storm for the buyer. Lowest interest rates in over 50 years, great inventory, and a strong motivation in sellers to make something happen to sell their properties. Call one of my associates today to take some action. Log on to coldwellbankerfirstrealtors.com for a list of my associates and to look at the properties currently available in our local mls.

We are still making improvements to our marketing of our rental inventory. We will soon have our new Coldwell Banker First Realtor property management site up and running. In talking with my business consultant, Chris Saffer of Solutions 5, we should be up and running in less than three weeks. We are also starting to use Craig’s list to present some of our large sites and special rental opportunities. This week we are featuring The Washington Apartments which is a very special complex with beautiful turn of the century charm, close to town for easy walking to a variety of shops, restaurants, etc.  All is well.

We are selling homes and listing beautiful properties. Call us if you need professionals to assist in finding a new home or selling and moving up. We are fortunate to have two great home builders working with us, Sullivan Rowell and Thad Sirmon Construction. They represent quality and professional assistance in the construction of your new home.

If I can be of assistance to talk about real estate or any other area I know something about contact me and we will talk.

DM Ledford, Owner/Broker

Coldwell Banker First Realtors


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Crisp and clean in the morning and Indian summer weather in the afternoon. I just really enjoy the fall. It is another reason Walla Walla is so special.

We had another great month in written business with forty offers agreed to, which matched our production in September of last year and keeps us operating at a strong level. In September closings we closed 42% of the homes in the local mls which keeps us again in the top position in our community. I could not be prouder of the agents which represent Coldwell Banker First Realtors. They are true professionals and it is so enjoyable to work with them on a daily basis.

On the national level, our franchise, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC, ranked highest among real estate companies in satisfying home sellers according to the recently released J.D. Power and Associates 2009 home buyer/seller study. The independently administered study measured customer satisfaction of homebuyers and sellers among the largest national real estate firms. We are proud of our national affiliation because we are associated with the strongest worldwide organization in real estate.

We had our annual Coldwell Banker First Realtors golf tournament this past Saturday. It was fun but it was cold and wet. The winning team was made up of Cindy Waliser, George Kaup, Josh Ledford, Byron Burris, and Dee Balmer. We really had fun even though we had to give up after 12 holes. The rain and cold just took its toll, so we retreated to the café and had a wonderful meal and warmed up before we headed home.

We have started our fourth quarter of the year and so far it is going very well. Interest rates are below 5%. Hard to believe, but it is true, and it couldn’t be a better time to make a move into a new home or your first home with the advantage of the low rates, the good inventory, buyer’s market, and the first time homebuyer’s tax credit.

Hope all is well in your community. We are seeing very positive developments headed our way this fall and next spring. Call if I can assist or answer any questions. Thanks for taking time to read and hopefully enjoy some of the data.

DM Ledford

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