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Rates are Low!!!

Unbelievable low rates are out there. We were told by Bobbie Jo, our Coldwell Banker mortgage representative that almost all the loan programs are under 5% at this point. Assuming you have an adequate credit score, now is the time to make your move to purchase your new residence with the low rates, large inventory, and a softer buyers market. First time homebuyers. You need to close your transaction by November 30th to take advantage of the $8,000 gift from Uncle Sam. It is hard to pass up. Make the change from renting and buy your home. Do not continue to pay rent to your landlord so he can pay for his home you are living in.

We have a lot of sickness in our organization, but I am so proud of the way they circle the wagons around the families in our organization which need help. My agents and employees never cease to amaze me with the way they step up to the task they are asked to assist in. What a great group of people.

Our annual golf tournament is set for October 3. We will be playing at the Milton Freewater golf course with our tee times starting at about 1 pm. We use the scramble format to help everyone feel comfortable in just going out to have fun and play golf. Some have never played golf but they just enjoy the time out in the beautiful fall weather laughing with their friends. I will try to have photos available in the next couple of weeks.

Sales are going great and a lot of new families are moving to our area. Megan our agent marketing consultant tracked our activity on ColdwellBankerFirstRealtors.com and we had 2400+ hits with over 2000 new inquiries from 26 different countries. We are seeing more and more buyers use our site. Electronic communications continue to grow and grow. If you have any questions about how to find a home go to our site and find one of my associates to assist you in the search and the financing of your new home.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Walla Walla real estate is doing well.

 DM Ledford


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What a Vacation!

IMG_4057My wife Donna and I, along with a few other couples, spent a week at Coastal Springs Float Lodge in British Columbia, near Knights Inlet.    The lodge is a wonderful place to stay.  Each couple had a suite of their own, we had a wonderful cook named Heather who prepares all our meals, plus a deck to sit and enjoy the scenery.    It is so peaceful, great view of wildlife and the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets you could asIMG_3986 croppedk for.    It clears and freshens my mind.   No cell phones, no e-mails, no issues at all.   All you do it relax, fish, eat, and sleep.

We caught the two biggest king salmon of the season for the lodge.  My sister-in-law, Sharie Ledford, reeled in the largest at 50 inches and 50 lbs.   What a huge fish and what a fun time Sharie had reeling it in.   I am planning a trip next year with my sons if they can work it in with their vacation schedules.   Donna and I love being there together.

Back to business.   What a month we had in August.   50 written and accepted offers for the month comJerry 43 Phil 39 croppedpared to the 30 we had last year in August.    We are seeing a lot of families out looking for housing and with the tax credit expiring it is becoming more urgent for the first time home buyers.    The rates are down again to at or below five per cent.   What an opportunity with low rates, great inventory, and soft pricing.   It is a great opportunity to take advantage of.    I am hoping this push will go into November and December to create a carry over into 2010.    I am still pushing for the extension of the first time purchaser’s tax credit and to extend to all buyers in a certain income level to push them more into the market which would provide more inventories for the entry level home buyers.

IMG_3955School is back and the college students are coming in by the hundreds looking for rentals.    We welcome them here at Coldwell Banker First Realtors.  In that search to help them we are in the process of building  a new rental web site for their use with interactive applications and pay pal for their submission of the application deposit.   We know it will create convenience for them.    We are again using Chris Saffer for his incite on the building of the site, along with the knowledge of Alan Raguso, Rick Phillips and Lisa Baxter to help make the process function for us.    It will be up and running shortly and would look for your opinions.

Frontier Days are in full swing.  We will again have our parade event in front of our office with a covered viewing area with and chairs, cold beverages, cookies, balloons, and bags for the children to pick up their candy thrown from the riders and the floats.

I hope you enjoy the photos of the fishing trip in Canada, unfortunately, or may fortunately, I seem to havIMG_4052e avoided the camera all week.  Maybe next year I’ll be the one to catch the big fish and will be able to post that.    It is a pleasure to share them with you and if you are interested in a trip next year let me know and I will put you in contact with Steve, the owner of Coastal Springs Float Lodge.   It is a trip you will never forget.   Thanks for spending time reading my blog.  I hope it was refreshing at points and interesting at the same time.

DM Ledford

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