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I spent one week with friends and family fishing, water skiing, jet skiing, volleyball, table games, and most of all relaxation.   Donna and I have been renting this cabin for over twenty years and I have been staying at the lake for over forty years.    It is my time to clean my mind and have fun with family.    It is a special time.

We have seen a definite upswing in the market the last sixty days.     I feel it is directly driven by the First Time Home Buyer market.    It is my opinion that if the program is not extended into 2010 the real estate market will suffer.    I feel it is just as important to include a program for the move up buyer with some type of tax incentive program. This would help drive them into the market, which would have a much larger impact on the housing market as they would look at new construction more so than the first timers.   With the move up group investing again we have more homes and better homes available to the first time buyers as well.    Without an extension and a new program for the move up buyers I feel we would see a definite downward movement in the housing market here in Walla Walla.

Still, the factors which are not changing at this point are the following; decent inventories, interest rates, and availability of funds.   All of these factors make this the time to look at purchasing a new home.   Call one of our very qualified sales associates at Coldwell Banker First Realtors for your appointment to talk and start your process if you feel the time is right for you and your family.    The time could not be better based on my almost 40 years of experience in the Walla Walla market.

Rentals are moving at a good pace with the schools opening in the next few weeks; Walla Walla public schools start on August 25th, Whitman College on September 1st, Walla Walla Community College on September 21st, and Walla Walla University on September 28th.    The students are calling in panic to find rentals and my staff is pressed to the limit to meet their needs.  So far we are holding our heads above water.   We are making progress on our new property management website and hopefully we will see it go active in September.    One great feature will be our interactive forms which will include rental applications and the ability to use pay pal for paying their application fees.  This will help speed up the application process, especially for our out of town applicants.    Most of all I want to be easy to navigate.   I think our customers and clients will be happy with it.

Fair time is fast approaching.   We will again be holding our Walla Walla Frontier Days parade party in front of our office on Saturday, September 5th.   We will have chairs setup and offer our guests cool and hot drinks, cookies and balloons for the kids.   Join us if you have time.

Thanks for the time.   I hope it was informative and inviting to read.

DM Ledford


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We have had one of the hottest and driest July’s in my memory.   We had a long hot spell with temperatures over 100 degrees for several days.  The heat and dry spell makes the rain even more important to the valley.    The air is so fresh and clean, it is just like a new day.

Sales have been great for July.   We had the best month of the year for written business.   Lenders are having the same rush with the first time homebuyer tax credit and the low, low mortgage rates.   Homes priced under $225,000.00 are moving well and we are seeing a large number of multiple offers in this segment of our market.   On the other end of our market, above $400k, the market has slowed and the absorption of the inventory with the pace of sales, might take as long as two years.   Prices will have to drive the inventory down at a faster pace as long as mortgage rates remain low.

My week has been devoted to my new passion,  Shakespeare Uncorked with Shakespeare 2the production of Taming of the Shrew at the Fort Walla Walla Amphitheater.   The opening night was just great.   We had almost 700 attend our opening night.   Great comments for the exit polling of the guests attending.    We had a rain out on Thursday night but fired up again Friday and finished strongly on Saturday and Sunday.

I have replaced two key positions in the operation of the office.  Megan is now handling the agent production and marketing.   Patrick, the reception coordinator, is running our front area.  Both individuals are a wonderful addition to the office and tremendous addition to the firm.

I’m off to Twin Lakes to enjoy a week of well deserved relaxation with my family.  Have a great week.  Get out there and check out available homes.  Who knows, maybe this is the week you find the perfect home for you.

DM Ledford

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